Prices and General Sales Conditions


The price depends on the language and the technical level of the text to be translated. It also takes account of volumes. Therefore, an individual quotation is drawn up automatically and free-of-charge for every request.

General Sales Conditions

All services ordered from DL Traductions (by fax, e-mail or post...) signify unreserved acceptance of the following general conditions.

All requests for translations or interpreting activities must be accompanied by the customer's firm order, on its company's header paper, without which DL Traductions reserves the right not to commence its works.

The customer agrees to provide the texts to be translated in a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF file form, or in a type-written hard copy, excluding any other form of presentation.

The prices as shown is applicable for translations returned in Microsoft Word or Excel, which have been sent, and which we will return via e-mail. All electronic dispatch, transport and other expenses being at the customer's cost.

In the event of any particular technical difficulties, the customer must provide all the necessary information needed by the translator: plans, documents appendices, etc, as well as explanations from technicians.

Should the price not be clearly stipulated on the order form and in the event of any dispute, the price applied will be the price stipulated in the price list enforced on the date of order.

The normal counting unit is word translated, counted using Microsoft Word, Anycount or Wordfast softwares.

Should a customer request for his order to be cancelled, any work already carried out will be delivered and will be invoiced at its total price, whereas any outstanding work will be invoiced at 50% of payment. Should an order for interpretation be cancelled, the down-payments already made will remain credited to DL Traductions and any organizational  costs already borne by DL Traductions will be reimbursed by the customer.

Except when otherwise agreed, invoices are net without discount, due for payment in cash 10 days after the date of invoice; any late payment will lead by rights to application of late payment penalties calculated at a rate equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate in force. In the event of late payment, DL Traductions reserves the right to postpone or cancel orders in progress.

Delivery schedules announced in quotations and order confirmations are for information purposes only. Any period of time required for obtaining information from the contracting authority will extend the initial delivery schedule by the same length of time.

Any complaint on the quality or delivery of works will only be taken into account if it is notified by registered mail with acknowledgement within five working days at the most after receipt of the works, the date of departure from our offices, or the date of invoice being considered as being the date of delivery. Any complaint must be accompanied by the original documents and the translations challenged with the details of the criticized text underlined. After this time, the translation will be considered as being correct and DL Traductions will not accept any complaints.

Any improper translations discovered in a part of the translated text may in no way cause the complete translation to be put into question. In the event of any justified complaint, DL Traductions reserves the right to carry out corrections and will submit the text to another translator for correction.

The liability of DL Traductions, in the event of any form of dispute whatsoever, is limited to the value of the invoice for the translation service incriminated.

DL Traductions may not be held liable in any way for delays in delivery by electronic mail or any other mode of delivery.

DL Traductions will treat any documents transmitted as being confidential and not divulge any information to third parties in the context of the translation or at any later date; DL Traductions may not be held liable under the terms of this article should data be transferred by INTERNET.

Only agreements concluded in writing and signed by the parties will be taken into account. Any disputes will be settled by the appropriate court in the area of jurisdiction of DL Traductions.